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RINOMAX Lubricants, are dedicated to consistently delivering high-quality lubricants that cater to the specific needs of its customers. These lubricants are meticulously designed to provide exceptional performance, protection, and reliability even in the most challenging conditions.

RINOMAX products undergo a thorough and rigorous testing and development process to ensure they not only meet but exceed industry standards. The company’s commitment to quality is unwavering, ensuring that customers can rely on RINOMAX lubricants for optimal performance and longevity. 


Rinomax Max-formulation is a high-quality mineral engine oil blended from high quality Virgin base oil stock. The product not just meets but exceeds the stringent performance requirements of API SL/JASO MA2.


Rinomax Max-Synthetic blend is a high-Quality engine oil formulated with a mix of mineral engine oil & virgin synthetic base oil for improved performance. Special additive package to reduce wear under a wide temperature range.


Rinomax MAXSYNTH FORMULATION is a fully synthetic oil having exceeding properties for cold-temperature pump-ability, oxidation resistance, and resistance to viscosity changes.